Fortenberry for Texas

Opportunity for All

This Is For You and Your Future

Hi, my name is Jerry Fortenberry, and I need your vote.

I need your vote because I'm determined to usher in a new era of prosperity for all citizens of District 103, regardless of where you're from, or what political party you belong to. I need your vote because I believe that good ideas can come from both parties, and tearing down unnecessary labels is a critical step to reaching consensus in Austin. I need your vote, your donations, your enthusiasm, and your support because I believe that we are all God's children, and we can turn the Biblical principles into a blueprint for operating and thriving as responsible adults.

For years, politicians from both parties have been campaigning to offer you government benefits, when the only benefit you've ever wanted from government is a real plan for you to help yourself! I know there are hardworking people in Dallas. I meet them everyday and I consider myself one of them. And as a hardworking Texan, I already know that most of us don't want a handful of fleeting social services thrown at us, and we're not necessarily looking for the occasional temporary tax cut that's here today and then gone tomorrow. We want a long-term plan that unlocks our God-given talents, and we want a plan that can serve as catalyst for our collective prosperity.

We already know that jobs in nursing, Internet technology, programming, welding, electronics, and a variety of health-related-professions are available in Texas - the only question is: Do we want Dallas-based companies to lure professionals from out-of-state to fill them, or do we want to fill them ourselves? You see in Dallas, understanding that we're blessed with a burgeoning economy, and having a real plan to make our citizens the beneficiaries of this economy are two entirely different things.

I want to make it easier for you to go to college and I want to make it easier for you to thrive. For students and under-employed adults that enroll in community college, I'll fight to have at your tuition covered, and students whose tuition is fully covered by federal aid will get a $1,000 "Texas Promise" awarded from the state to help pay for books, fees, and transportation. Under my plan, a new job in our district that isn't actually filled by someone in our district will be unacceptable.

After all, we have the skills. We have the people. And we have the ambition. But now we need a pragmatic plan to make sure that our God-given talents are fully utilized throughout our communities.

As your state rep, I'll work hard to make sure that our high schools offer apprenticeships and occupational training so that they can immediately harness the skills of our children after graduation. I'll work hard to alleviate high property taxes, and I'll work hard to provide occupational training to veterans so that they too can prosper in this new economy. Success in our district isn't a zero-sum game. We can create a thriving economy that rewards our neighbor's success with our very own success. A rising tide can indeed life all boats, but you need a steady captain steering the ship; someone that wants to blend twenty-first century thinking with the Biblical values of hard-work, generosity, and an unflinching optimism that, when applied correctly, can turn our community's lofty ambitions into a plan for true Texas-sized prosperity.

THIS CAN BE DONE. And if I didn't believe that it could, I honestly wouldn't be running to be your next state representative. So if you're looking for someone to place optimism over partisanship, and pragmatism over dogma, then regardless who you are, or where you live, or the current political affiliation that you're tethered to- I am humbly asking you to bring a fresh, new voice to Austin so that we can all achieve success- together.

My name is Jerry Fortenberry, and I want to be your next state representative.


Mailing address:
P.O. Box 192064
Dallas, TX 75219

New Opportunities For All

1) Free community college tuition for graduates of Texas high schools, adults, and Veterans to allow them to share in the prosperity taking place in Dallas and Texas by giving them the education and skills need to fill the jobs available in the current economy like nursing, Internet Technology, programming, health related professions, welding, electronics, etc - Students and under-employed or unemployed adults enroll in community college at least half-time will have all of their tuition covered, first by whatever federal grants they qualify for, then, if needed, by the state. Students whose tuition is fully covered by federal aid will get a $1,000 "Texas Promise" award from the state to help pay for books, fees, transportation or other college costs..... it's a win for the student, when they get that certificate or degree and have a high-paying job and a career and It's good for Texas, because the state will get higher tax payments from the student for the higher salary and having more college-educated Texans will be good for the economy and employers.

Elective courses available in highschools - apprenticeships in occupational training and courses in programming/coding, cybersecurity, welding, etc.... and The Bible taught in a non-denominational secular way with the Bible as a textbook and the role it has played in the establishment and values of our country, our founders and in the world.

2) Eliminate property taxes - Zero property tax - you shouldn't have to rent property you own from the government - this helps everyone especially senior citizens on fixed incomes and even renters because several hundred dollars of their rent can actually be property taxes passed on to them by the Apartment complex as part of their rent and limits how local gov't can tax you keeping your money in your pocket.

3) Provide homeless Veterans with housing solutions, employment opportunities, health care, legal services, and free education and occupational training for all Veterans.