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Jerry Fortenberry

Meet Jerry

Jerry is an Army Veteran, Registered Nurse and small business owner. He was raised on a cattle farm and has worked blue collar jobs much of his life, including funding his college working in the oil fields. While deployed in Afghanistan, he learned the importance of goals, sacrifice and leadership. He currently gives back by helping homeless veterans in the Dallas area.

His background working as a Registered Nurse in the Open Heart Recovery Critical Care instilled in him the commitment to ensuring quality, affordable health care for all Texans. He currently owns a cybersecurity company, which creates high-paying jobs in coding, IT, AI, and cloud computing. He also volunteers as a tutor in Dallas Public Schools and believes parents should be able to choose where to send their kids to school.


Higher Wages

We’re going to break the cycle of poverty in Dallas. To do that, we have to have high-paying jobs. Vocational training is the most direct opportunity to bring in jobs that pay well and come with benefits. Our high schools and community colleges need to be teaching welding, plumbing, electrical HVAC as well as coding, cloud computing, IT, and healthcare-related fields. Both children and adults can graduate with occupational licenses and certifications debt-free. They should be stepping into high-paying jobs with benefits and healthcare to lift them - and keep them - out of poverty.

Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare is not political, it is personal. We can give access to affordable quality health care to disadvantaged people while allowing those who have good private healthcare to keep it. More choices equals better costs so that more people have access to high quality healthcare at a price they can afford.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our prison system needs a complete overhaul that treats everyone equally, reduces excessive sentencing, focuses on rehabilitation, and ensures that in-prison vocational training prepares people with the skills they need to get a good, high-paying job and have a chance to improve their lives, contribute to society, and come out better than they went in.


We can't fix a standardized problem with a standardized solution. We need to prepare children for a lifetime of success by aligning education to create an individual path to help students discover, develop and apply their unique abilities and talents. The government doesn't tell you where to buy groceries - so why should it tell you where to send your child to school based on a zip code? Parents should have the right to send their child to where the child's needs and talents can be best met.

Affordable Housing

We need a full elimination of property taxes. To offset the costs, we’re proposing a 2% consumption tax. This way, landlords can lower rents by the amount of the property tax saved. This would put thousands of dollars back in your pockets to use for your family's needs.

Protecting Life

Being pro-life doesn’t stop at birth. When I say I am pro-life, I mean all life in all stages including the unborn, the elderly, the homeless, the addicted and the mentally ill.